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Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden has come out swinging over the Trump administration plan to incorporate privatization schemes into the federal budget.

"This is another broken promise to rebuild America's aging infrastructure. It is a plan for wealthy investors who only care about wasting taxpayer dollars to fund their privatization schemes." Says Wyden.

The Senior Oregon Senator, who is the ranking member on Senate Finance, points out that Republicans passed up the opportunity to use taxes from earnings from overseas profits to fix and improve our roads, bridges, and highways. "Now they are looking under couch cushions and chairs for spare change while forcing communities and cities to hike taxes and charge Trump tolls", said Wyden in a Monday news release.

Senator Wyden warns that a Trump plan to sell the Bonneville Power Administration and cuts to the budget for the Hanford nuclear reservation cleanup are misguided and dangerous.

" Oregonians raised hell last year when Trump tried to raise power bills for Pacific Northwesterners by trying to sell off Bonneville Power and yet his administration is back at it again." Said Wyden, adding "Our investment shouldn't be put up for sale to free money for runaway military spending or tax cuts for billionaires." said Wyden.

Wyden says the rest of the administration budget isn't much better.

"Trump's budget takes food out of the mouths of elderly Americans by cutting funding for Meals on Wheels, makes college more expensive for young people trying to get ahead and shreds support for Americans that need a leg up". Said Wyden.
Further, the Senator points to cuts in other programs that would help unemployed Americans get back to work through retraining and adds impossibly complicated bureaucracy to programs that prevent people from starving.

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