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A 35-year-old military veteran went berzerk Thursday afternoon leading patrol officers from several agencies on a long distance chase on I-5 that started at Joint Base Lewis McCord and ending near Kelso.

Police have identified the man as Christopher James Blevins who is said to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder. The man is alleged to have made a threat to commit a "Las Vegas Style" shooting and when approached by base police he reportedly fled in a red Mazda 6 almost hitting an MP who escaped injury.

Base police pursued Blevins vehicle onto Interstate 5 until Washington State Police caught up and continued to chase the Mazda at high speed to the Cowlitz county line and at that point discontinued the pursuit.

Castle Rock police reported spotting the vehicle doing over 100 miles per hour near milepost 49 and ten miles down the freeway Blevins collided with a semi-truck. The truck driver was not injured and Blevins didn't stop but continued down the freeway and then was intercepted by a Cowlitz County Deputy who reported Blevins swerved over the lanes in an attempt to hit the patrol car but the deputy was able to avoid a collision by hit his brakes hard and swerving toward the guardrail.

The Mazda accelerated away at speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour southbound. Police report that at one point Blevins rapidly swerved at other vehicles in an attempt to make them crash. At one point Blevins against swerved across all three lanes to get in front of a truck hauling a horse trailer and slammed on his brakes causing the truck to do the same and again a collision was avoided. Blevins made another attempt to do the same to another driver and failed then sped southbound continuing to swerve from lane to lane at some points he slowed to 45 miles an hour only to accelerate above 100 again.

At milepost 33 Blevins attempted to pass a car on the shoulder and collided with it sending the Mazda out of control, spinning off the freeway and into the railroad embankment where authorities arrested Blevins as he left the vehicle.
Blevins is being held without bail in Cowlitz County.

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