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Tuesday night the Warrenton City Commission considered a proposal to increase funding for the Community Library through a renewed 5-year operation levy that will boost property taxes in the city.

The current levy runs out in 2018 and charges .095 per thousand dollars of property value. The new levy coming up for a vote in November 2017 increases that to .33 per thousand.  The property owner would pay about $33 for every $100,000 in property value. A big bump, but part of the reason for that requested increase came with the library's move from a dilapidated building in Hammond, where they paid no rent, to a new location on South Main owned by the Warrenton School District that comes with a $25,000 annual lease price tag.  

If voters agree in November that the additional funding is justified and pass the new levy it will also allow the library enough funding to extend hours, buy new materials and automate the check-out system, amongst other things.

The Library Advisory Committee brought more than one funding option to the city commission to consider. The low end came in at .20 per thousand and would cover current operational expenses leaving the library in station-keeping for the next five years.  The high-end option was .41 per thousand.  The Advisory Committee recommended the .33 per thousand option and the commission agreed.

"Now the work begins", said Mayor Balensifer referring to the public outreach that will be necessary to convince voters they should support the tax increase. Never an easy thing to do.



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