The only thing I still remember clearly about our first trip to Hawaii decades ago is not the beaches or the wonders of the Aloha Spirit.  It was the airline.

That may come as a surprise considering how truly awful domestic flights have become in the 21st century.  There was a time when air travel, even in coach, could be wonderful and you don't have to go back to the days when guys wore suits and ladies wore dresses and flying was just for the privileged few

It was a Northwest Airlines Flight from Portland International to Honolulu.  Boarding the aircraft was leisurely. We were welcomed on board and shown to our roomy seats on the equally roomy 747 that felt like a lounge and not a cattle car. The sound system was playing a classical music selection softly in the background. Lighting was subdued.  The flight attendant was really wonderful. This was a time before she would be expected to act as the security guard for the flight.

It was her job to make sure my family was comfortable.  She served us a preflight beverage, made sure our things were properly stowed and moved on to the next group.  This was in coach!

We were served breakfast. Watched a movie. We were served lunch. We were offered a warm towel before landing in Honolulu. There were no extra charges unless I opted for a cocktail. (Well. Yes, I was on vacation after all)

It was, without a doubt, the perfect flight.

Then Northwest was absorbed by my nemesis Delta. I can’t begin to tell you how much I detest Delta. United is just as bad in every category, made worse by using evil and practically worthless O’Hare Field Chicago as a hub. I don’t need to tell you any of that because chances are good you already know. If you have been lucky enough to have a good flight with no complications on either of these carriers then I urge you to invest in Oregon Megabucks while your lucky streak is still hot.

So, in conclusion, my favorite airline is one that no longer exists. 


Tom Freel

Northwest Lending Group