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Clatsop County Commission Chair Scott Lee will preside over a meeting Tuesday night with elected representatives and invited staff from each of the incorporated cities in the county to discuss some issues each is facing.

The agenda reflects several of those common issues such as the shortage of housing that each city has spent time working on resolving and exploring local government resource sharing possibilities in other areas.  

This is the second annual gathering under Chairman Lee.  Last year Astoria brought up the possibility of sharing responsibility for Ocean View Cemetery but the idea was shot down, primarily by then Seaside Mayor Don Larson who pointed out that Seaside already has it's own cemetery.  

On the agenda for this session tonight at 5:30 pm at the Gearhart McMenamin's Hotel, the issue is brought back by Astoria but with a broader approach seeking a discussion on establishing countywide cemetery and park districts.  Astoria Parks has already taken steps to make dramatic cutbacks in program offerings and park upkeep with City Manager Brett Estes telling his council the Parks budget is simply unsustainable and must either seek additional revenue streams or execute more big cuts in the next fiscal year.

Emergency planning and response is also on tonight's agenda.

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